Tail Wheel Training in Florida

 Tail Wheel Flyers of South Florida LLC

Contact: 561-352-0355      Twflyersofsfl@gmail.com

 Fly in a relaxed atmosphere with a 21,000 hour flight instructor in a  Super Decathlon aircraft.

   I offer tail wheel endorsements and training on grass and asphalt surfaces.

   Receive your next flight review in sunny Florida! I provide upset training, spin training, and basic

  aerobatic flight instruction.

  All instruction is $200.00/ hour flight-all briefing/de briefing included. Inspected and current

parachutes provided for upset/ aerobatic flights. Headset provided if needed.

 Check out our videos on YouTube on the tail wheel flyers of south florida channel!

 David Jacobson Certified Flight Instructor for Airplanes ,Instruments, and Multi Engine

 Airline Transport Pilot with military, airline, and corporate experience

 Serving the Palm Beach County  Florida Area